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Upton Hall School

Inspiring Young People

Dining Room

Description: \\store1\media\Photographs\Whole School\12-04 Tony McArdle\D1444-080.JPGAs a Healthy School the food served in our Dining Room each day provides girls with a balanced diet.  It is prepared by the School Caterers on site each day and is attractively presented.  We have a servery for hot dishes known as the The Main Event that serving a set meal as well as a range of hot dishes including pasta. We have Special Theme Days, Indoor BBQs and Daily Specials. 

Our Deli-bar serves salads, sandwiches and wraps as well as a range of other light dishes such as baked potatoes and panini.  A variety of drinks are also available.  Please see sample menus and tariffs overleaf.

The payment system in the Dining Room uses cutting edge technology.  A biometric system which involves the use of a finger pad to register payment.  The system is cashless and efficient.  Your daughter’s account in the Dining Room can be topped up using the two top-up machines that accept coins only.  You can also top-up using an online system operated by RBS Worldpay known as Scopay and a button the the front page of our website allows easy access to this system. Find the Scopay online payments button on the front page and click.  You may also give your daughter cash or a cheque made payable to Upton Hall School in an envelope marked clearly with her name and form to place in the secure box on Reception.

Description: \\store1\media\Photographs\Whole School\12-04 Tony McArdle\D1444-621.JPGFurther information will be sent to you once your daughter has been registered as a user in September.

Your daughter may bring a packed lunch to school; however, we would ask you to avoid the use of plastic bags to transport the food.  The food will keep much better in a small cool-bag or lunchbox.  Food should be kept at room temperature for no longer than 4 hours so please ensure that packed lunches are safe.

Dining Room Tariffs

Lunch Menu

Set Meal £2.00
Meal £1.45
Pasta £1.45
Jacket Potato 60p
Jacket Fillings 60p
Pastapots £1.20
Tortilla Wraps £1.45
Hot Chicken Wraps £1.30
Homemade Soup & Roll 60p
Pizza Slice  95p
Chicken Burger £1.30
Potatoes 55p
Vegetables 55p
Hot Sweet & Custard 65p
Homemade Pastries 50p-60p
Fresh Fruit Pots 60p
Cheese & Biscuits 60p

Breakfast Menu

Cheese on Toast 95p
Bacon Bap £1.05
Crumpet 18p
Toast 18p
Fruit Bun 18p
Jam/Butter/Sauce portions 10p
Fresh Fruit Pots 60p
Yoghurts 70p
Cereal Bars 60p
Fruit Juice 40p
Bottled Water 60p/85p
Semi Skimmed Milk 35p