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Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

In this section you will find useful information regarding Independent Careers Advice and Guidance.  Click on the logo to access the relevant website.

Careers Department 

Mrs Kate Douglas

Careers Advisor and Work Experience Co-ordinator

Careers information, advice and guidance features highly on the agenda at Upton Hall School, starting in Year 7 and progressing throughout pupils’ time here.

The careers programme is tailored so that pupils and students receive the relevant career information that is suitable to their age group and stage of education, and we are fully compliant with The Baker Clause.  This enables our pupils/students to make an informed choice of career pathway, whether this is to another Post 14 or Post 16 provider, an apprenticeship, university or a School Leaver Scheme.  Personalised advice on Higher Education, the UCAS process and how to maximise success in getting onto the most competitive courses, has produced a strong record in enabling students to obtain offers from Oxbridge as well as places for Medicine, Veterinary and Dentistry.

Below is a sample of some of the things we deliver in school.  We base our provision on the nationally recognised ‘Gatsby benchmarks’ and, on this page, you will also find an overview of our key performance indicators for quality careers provision across the Key Stages.  Detailed information for pupils and staff is available on the school VLE.

Highlights of our Careers programme

Meet the Professionals – Wednesday 12th January 2022

All pupils in Yrs7-9 learnt about the variety and scope of roles available within the Renewable Energy and Low Carbon sector.  Pupils heard from professionals about their education and career path, the company they work for now and how they fit into the sector. They explained why it is important that young people are aware of and aspire to roles within this sector and why it is so important for the future.

Year 8 Talks from Gary O’Hare – Operational Planning Engineer SSE and Rachel Solomon-Williams - Head of Low Carbon Fuels at Dept. for Transport

In the talks I learnt about the role of the engineers working with wind turbines, how the turbines work and how they are inserted into the water.  We learnt about who is in control of the power in our homes, and when there is a power cut how there are lots of people working in the control room to try and get the power back on as quickly as possible to ensure they don’t lose customers.  I think this was very helpful because I had never thought of this career before and now I am definitely thinking about it.

We not only learnt about wind turbines, but we learnt more about solar panels and how they work in the daytime when the sun is shining and collects power and saves it for the night so we can heat our homes and turn on the lights.  Even though they are expensive, overtime they become a very good investment.  In the second talk we learnt about making fuel from food and how to be more eco-friendly. 

I found the talks very helpful and would love to do them again.

Minnie Year 8

We found out about careers in engineering and the role of civil servants.  We learnt about all of the different A-levels needed and university degrees and apprenticeships related to this sector. Rachel told us about her job as Head of Low Carbon Fuels in the Civil Service and some of the careers that related to her job e.g. lawyer and construction manager.  The skills and qualities required for these roles are confidence and being able to share knowledge.

Gary told us all about his own career and the other careers in this industry. Computer programmers and engineers are both essential roles and the skills and qualities needed are to be good at solving puzzles and problems.

Overall, I think the talks were very useful, and I learnt a lot.

Freya Year 8


Careers Insights  

Every Friday morning girls in Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13 are able to attend talks by careers specialists on a wide range of professions and careers.  Examples include speakers from the following industries; journalism, medicine, software engineering, mechanical engineering, costume for theatre and TV, accountancy, higher and degree apprenticeships and nursing. 

Careers Fair