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Year 8 PSHE  (Personal, Social and Health Education)

The aims of the PSHE course in Year 8 are to:

  • Re-establish a secure and happy atmosphere within the form room.
  • Deal with friendship difficulties and the challenge of evolving relationships.
  • Organise their work in school and at home and set themselves regular targets for improvement.
  • Monitor the use and organization of homework diaries.
  • Develop a range of study skills and become more independent learners.
  • Assess their own academic and social development.
  • Learn about health issues, including personal safety, healthy eating and the dangers of smoking and drugs.
  • Develop pupils understanding and awareness of sex education.
  • Develop pupils understanding of the notion of citizenship.

The course content for pupils in Year 8 includes:

  • Personal and Social Skills
  • Study Skills
  • Health Education
  • Sex Education
  • Careers Education
  • Economic and Industrial Awareness
  • Citizenship
  • Retreat day


The PSHE programme in Year 8 is delivered in one 55-minute lesson each week on a Friday morning.  In addition to this provision pupils attend an assembly on a Monday in the Assembly Hall or on Wednesdays in the Chapel.  Year 8 Forms take responsibility for preparing and delivering the Chapel assembly.

Pupil progress is monitored by the Form Tutor and the Head of Year.  An additional member of the PSHE team is the school nurse, Philippa Larner.  She has a significant input into the PSHE programme throughout the year.  Mrs Larner visits school each week and operates a drop in service for the pupils.  If you would like a formal meeting with the school nurse to discuss any concerns that you have about your daughter's health, please contact the school.