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Year 8 PSHE  (Personal, Social and Health Education)

The aims of the PSHE course in Year 8 are to:

  • Re-establish a secure and happy atmosphere within the form room.
  • Deal with friendship difficulties and the challenge of evolving relationships.
  • Organise their work in school and at home and set themselves regular targets for improvement.
  • Monitor the use and organization of homework diaries.
  • Develop a range of study skills and become more independent learners.
  • Assess their own academic and social development.
  • Learn about health issues, including personal safety, healthy eating and the dangers of smoking and drugs.
  • Develop pupils understanding and awareness of sex education.
  • Develop pupils understanding of the notion of citizenship.

The course content for pupils in Year 8 includes:

  • Personal and Social Skills
  • Study Skills
  • Health Education
  • Sex Education
  • Careers Education
  • Economic and Industrial Awareness
  • Citizenship
  • Retreat day


The PSHE programme in Year 8 is delivered in one 55-minute lesson each week on a Friday morning.  In addition to this provision pupils attend an assembly on a Monday in the Assembly Hall or on Wednesdays in the Chapel.  Year 8 Forms take responsibility for preparing and delivering the Chapel assembly.

Pupil progress is monitored by the Form Tutor and the Head of Year.