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Year 7 Pastoral Structure

Our Pastoral Care
We believe that it is important to consider the pastoral care of our pupils first because if your daughter is happy she will learn effectively and thrive. Conversely, if she is unhappy or worried she will struggle in her lessons and find it difficult to make friendships.

Form Groups
In September, your daughter will be placed in a Form with a Form Teacher who has chosen to work with Year 7 pupils. She will be placed in one of the following Forms: 7U, 7H, 7S, 7C or 7J. These letters are taken from the first letters of some of the words in the name of our school: Upton Hall School FCJ. The Pastoral Leader - Year 7, together with the Form Teachers, will decide in which Form each pupil is placed based on the information received from the primary schools, information we receive from you and a desire to ensure there is a good mixture of girls from different primary schools. In Year 7 lessons are taught in Form groups to enable the pupils to get to know each other but in Year 8 onwards many teaching groups are smaller.

The Forms will meet their Form Tutor twice a week for assembly, form time and PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education). The Pastoral Leader leads the team of Form Teachers and assists them in ensuring that Year 7 pupils understand what is expected of them. In turn the Pastoral Leader - Year 7 is supported by the Director of Pupil Development who works with each Pastoral Leader to bring out the best in each pupil.

Year 7 Team
Pastoral Leader - Year 7                           Mrs M Jones
Form Teacher 7U                                           Mrs V Holmes
Form Teacher 7H                                           Mr T Quinn
Form Teacher 7S                                            Miss M Geary
Form Teacher 7C                                            Miss R Patterson
Form Teacher 7J                                             Miss E Heatlie

The Form teachers will get to know your daughter in the first weeks of the term and will communicate with you if they feel anything needs to be done to help your daughter. If you have any worries or concerns, no matter how minor, please do not hesitate to contact the Form Teacher. Please telephone Reception and leave a message and the Form teacher will get back to you or send an email. The email address for parents of Year 7 pupils to contact the school office is

Who to contact for advice
For guidance on:

The content of the curriculum                           Ms A Murphy (Deputy Headteacher)

Behaviour for Learning, PHSE, Ethos and   Mr P McAleese (Deputy Headteacher)
Personal Development                                           

Special Needs e.g. learning difficulties,         Mrs N Griffiths  (Assistant  Headteacher)
physical impairment, medical issues

Problems concerning school work,                 Form Teacher or Mrs M Jones (Pastoral Leader - Year 7)
progress and conduct

Questions relating to Music Tuition               Mrs C Hulme (Head of Music)

Careers Advice                                                            Mrs K Douglas (Careers Advisor)

All of the above named staff can be contacted through the main switchboard on 0151 677 7696.


  • The school’s target for attendance is 97% and it is vitally important that your daughter does not miss school unless she is really ill.
  • You should telephone school on her first day of absence and send a note when she returns to school after her illness. Please mark the absent note clearly with your daughter’s name, form and the dates when she was absent.
  • A reminder that the absence line number is 641 8133
  • Medical appointments etc. should be made outside of school hours whenever possible.
  • Family holidays should not be taken during school time.
  • Work copied up is not an adequate replacement for being in the lesson when a topic is taught.

Your daughter must be in school each day by 8.30am.  She must also ensure that she arrives on time for each of her lessons throughout the day.