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Year 7

What to expect...

Year 7 is a challenging year: the structure of the school day in secondary school is very different to the one your daughter has been used to in primary school.  The day is longer, she will meet more staff and she will have to move between lessons, remembering to take the appropriate books and equipment with her.  By the end of the year she will take all this in her stride but during the year there will no doubt be times when she feels very tired as a consequence of these demands.  If you have a detailed understanding of her school programme you will be able to encourage and support her.

From the outset it is vitally important that all pupils are involved in at least two extra curricular activities.  These activities will provide her with the opportunity to meet different pupils and develop interests that will complement the learning that takes place within the classrooms.  Many of these activities take place at lunchtime and the lunch break is structured to enable pupils to have the time to get involved.  A good lunch and some relaxing or stimulating activities usually give the girls the energy they need to take them through the afternoon.

Use our website to find out what is happening in school:  for example there will be reports of recent events and trips involving pupils, discuss these with your daughter to give her a sense of the opportunities that will come her way as she moves up the school.  In this way you prepare her for what lies ahead and help her to develop the confidence to seize each opportunity as it arises.