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Year 10 Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

At Upton Hall FCJ, all students follow a comprehensive programme of study for Personal, Social, Health and Economic education which has become compulsory in all secondary schools from 2020.  The DfE states, “All elements of PSHE are important and the government continues to recommend PSHE is taught in schools”.  The intent of our Personal Development curriculum is to support our students to become informed confident, healthy, resilient, and empathetic citizens who are fully prepared for life beyond Upton.  Our engaging curriculum offers our students a platform to explore, debate and discuss real life topics and develop relevant life skills.  As a Catholic School, our PSHE and RSE curriculum is underpinned by our FCJ values of excellence, companionship, hope, dignity, justice and gentleness. 

Our curriculum is implemented by form tutors at least fortnightly and sometimes weekly.  Form tutors deliver high quality lessons that cover a wide range of topics.  Our implementation goes above and beyond the Government guidance in our planning and delivery of several contemporary themes that are of great importance to society and the modern world we live in.  Sometimes our blend of traditional Mass, assemblies and form-time activities are supported (where applicable) by our school Chaplain, our local Parish Priest, guest speakers and specialist external bodies to provide holistic and specialist delivery for our students.  Overall, our implementation of PSHE and RSE promotes well-being, spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development as well as preparing our students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. 

Across all year groups, Relationships and Sexual Education (RSE) and Health education is covered in age-appropriate topics.  We use high-quality materials from which are developed through ‘Life To The Full’ (Ten:Ten) which covers the statutory elements of RSE and Health Education through a Catholic lens.  Within these sessions, sex is always discussed in the context of a loving, healthy and safe relationship.  Some lessons maybe supported or delivered by specialist professionals. 








Autumn 1-1

Reach for the stars project- Resilience, Reflection, Risk-taking

Autumn 1-2

School Council/Here I am

Autumn 1-3

Reach for the stars project- Resilience, Reflection, Risk-taking

Autumn 1-4

Reach for the stars project- Resilience, Reflection, Risk-taking

Autumn 1-5

Banking basics- opening a bank account*

Autumn 1-6

Debt, interest and APR*

                                                                                               Half term





Autumn 2-1

How much do things cost?*

Autumn 2-2

Earning money-tax and national insurance*

Autumn 2-3

Mortgages, rent and buying a house*



Autumn 2-4

Current affairs

Autumn 2-5

Current affairs

Autumn 2-6

Current affairs/Target setting



Companionship and


Spring 1-1

Perseverance (“Chimp” Management 1)

Spring 1-2

Perseverance (“Chimp” Management 2)

Spring 1-3

Making plans for the future- Careers and values

Spring 1-4

Making plans for the future- Careers and values

Spring 1-5

Making plans for the future- Careers and values

Spring 1-6

Making plans for the future- Careers and values

Half term





Spring 2-1

E Safety (Grooming)

Spring 2-2


Spring 2-3

Managing crisis- everyday first aid

Spring 2-4

Managing crisis- first aid

Spring 2-5

Managing crisis- mental health

Spring 2-6

Mental health awareness







Summer 1-1

How are laws made

Summer 1-2

Parliament and government

Summer 1-3

Voting and elections

Summer 1-4

Employment laws

Summer 1-5

Preparing for work experience

Summer 1-5

CV writing and preparing for work

Exam Week

Half term




Summer 2-1

Christian conscience

Summer 2-2

Teenage issues

Work Experience




Summer 2-4

Post work experience review

Summer 2-5

Noticing (Current Affairs)

Summer 2-6

Metacognition/self reflection (Termly reflection, review and setting of targets)