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Year 10 Milestones


  • Your daughter is a member of a very able year group.
  • We expect her to go on and achieve excellent GCSE results.
  • She should set herself high personal targets.
  • Her teachers will set her individual learning goals to move her forward in each subject.

Minimum Baseline Grades

  • Your daughter will be given minimum baseline grades for each of her GCSE subjects. This year they will be the grades that we think she should be achieving by the end of year 10.
  • These are based on her KS2 scores. Meeting them will show that she has made excellent progress.
  • These grades are not a guarantee or even a prediction. They can and will depend on your daughter’s attendance and the amount of work she does.

Assessment and Reporting

  • Informal during every lesson.
  • Formal through: End of unit tests
  • End of year/mock examinations
  • Controlled assessments
  • GCSE examinations
  • Progress Information to parents
  • Parent/Teacher Meeting
  • Annual report to parents 

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Details of your daughter’s GCSE Courses are to be found in her Key Stage 4 Curriculum booklet.  A copy of this booklet can be found in the Curriculum section of the school website.


  • GCSE is a 5-term Course. All of the GCSEs taken this year are reformed GCSEs (with the exception of Product Design)
  • The final term in year 11 is devoted to examinations.

Year 10

  • More than half the content of a GCSE Course is covered during these 3 terms
  • GCSE Science started in Year 9.

Year 11

  • GCSE Courses are completed.
  • Mock Examinations take place during November 2023.
  • Your daughter will have to make decisions as to what she will do after GCSE in early 2024
  • She will be preparing for her final set of GCSE Examinations in May/June 2024.


  • In Years 10 and 11 pupils have approximately 120 minutes of homework each evening.
  • Not all homework will be written; some will involve reading, learning, researching on the internet, etc.
  • If homework set does not take 120 minutes your daughter should spend her remaining homework time on revision.

Study Hall

  • As part of our Behaviour for Learning policy we have a session known as Study Hall.If a pupil fails to hand in a piece of homework to a member of staff on the day it is due in, the teacher will place the pupil in Study Hall.This means that on the same day (if the lesson is in the morning) or the next day (if the lesson is in the afternoon) the pupil must report to Study Hall, a room in the Mathematics Faculty (H5)at 12.50pm. Once registered at Study Hall the pupil undertakes work for 30 minutes, usually finishing the missing piece of homework.

Study support

  • An extra study session is supervised each evening (Monday-Thursday) from 3.45-5.00pm in school.Any Year 10 pupil is welcome to attend this session.Pupils who have fallen behind in their work or who are in danger of underachieving will be required to attend.
  • The Library is also open until 5.00pm each evening for pupils wishing to study in school.