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Useful Entrance Examination sample materials

Entrance Examination - Year 7 September 2024

For September 2024 entry, the Entrance examination consists of two verbal reasoning papers and the information regarding practice books is below.

Entrance Examination 2024 for entry in Year 7 September 2025

Please note that the Entrance Examination for entry to Year 7 in September 2025 will change and the link to the free materials is stated above. The format will be one verbal reasoning paper and one English paper.

Click on the links below to download the free familiarisation materials from GL Assessment:

Verbal Reasoning Free Familiarisation Materials

Verbal Reasoning_Parent's Guide

Verbal Reasoning 1 Test Booklet

Verbal Reasoning_1_Answer Sheet

Verbal Reasoning_2_ Test Booklet

Verbal Reasoning_2_Answer Sheet

Verbal Reasoning_3_Test Booklet

Verbal Reasoning_3_Answer Sheet

English Free Familiarisation Materials

English_Parent's Guide

English_1_Test Booklet

English_1_Answer Sheet

English 2 Test Booklet

English_2_Answer Sheet