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Upton Hall School FCJ A Level Curriculum Statement for Universities (UCAS Apply 2017)

Students who commenced their A Level curriculum at Upton Hall School in September 2015 and who are due to complete their A Level studies in Summer 2017 followed the new A Level specifications in the reformed ‘Phase 1’ subjects (in Art, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, English Language and Literature, English Literature, History, Physics, Psychology) alongside unreformed A Levels in Drama and Theatre Studies, Geography, Music, Modern Foreign Languages (French, Spanish), Physical Education, Religious Studies, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Product Design, Law, ICT, Film Studies and Food Technology.

The vast majority of students studied four subjects in Year 12 before deciding to continue with three A Level subjects to full A Level in Year 13*.  Therefore, the vast majority of students will gain three A Levels and one AS Level upon completing their time in the Sixth Form.

Students did not undertake AS examinations in ‘Phase 1’ reformed subjects where they wanted to pursue these subjects to full A Level, owing to the de-coupling of AS and A Levels. 

AS examinations were undertaken in all unreformed A Levels, regardless of whether students had chosen to complete full A Level in those subjects.

*Some students continued to study 4 A Levels in Year 13.