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Timing of the School Day

School operates a two week timetable (Week A and Week B).  Please note the changed timings for Wednesday morning to accommodate a 15 minute Form Period each week

8.40 - 8.45 am            Registration prayer and pupil notices (in teaching groups and teaching room for Lesson 1                                                  with subject teacher.)

8.45 - 9.40 am             Lesson 1 (On Monday and Friday this slot will be School Assembly, Mass or PSHE)

9.40 – 10.35am          Lesson 2                                                                                             

10.35 – 10.55am       Break

10.55 - 11.50am        Lesson 3

11.50am-12.45pm   Lesson 4

12.45-1.50pm             Lunch

1.50 – 1.55pm             Registration, prayer and pupil notices in teaching groups and teaching room for
                                              Lesson 5 with subject teacher.

1.55 – 2.50pm             Lesson 5

2.50 – 3.45pm            Lesson 6

NB:  Timetable for Wednesday mornings (Week A and Week B)

8.40 – 8.55am             Form Period

8.55 – 9.45am             Lesson 1

9.45 – 10.35am          Lesson 2

The rest of the day will follow the usual schedule

As a Catholic School it is expected that a short prayer or reflection takes place at the beginning of each am and pm session.