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Teach Meet!

"After only a short time at Upton Hall, the progressive nature of the school and its curriculum has already shone through. The Teach Meet is a perfect example of this, and of the willingness of teaching staff at Upton Hall to share good practice and classroom strategies that really work, and that can improve teaching and learning across all subject areas.

Teach Meet is an opportunity for members of teaching staff from all departments to come together to share interesting tips, tricks and a range of activities that can be applied to different subject areas. This sharing of good practice is designed to make learning more fun and to make teaching more effective and efficient. The content shared ranged from new and innovative ideas, such as using a murder mystery to teach spelling and grammar, to giving a new lease of life to some classic but effective activities that may have been forgotten."

Account written by a new teacher.



As a new member of staff at the school and a trainee teacher, I was both thrilled and grateful to be a part of the Teach Meet and for the opportunity to gather suggestions and different approaches to teaching and learning. Thanks to the Teach Meet I am now able to integrate a more diverse range of activities into my own lessons. These will then allow me to work in a more formative way and to create a more stimulating environment for my pupils.

For anyone looking to enter the teaching profession, I cannot think of a more outstanding school environment than that of Upton Hall FCJ to give you the best start to your teaching career.