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Inspiring Young People

Student Leadership Team

Meet the Student Leadership Team

Emily S, Head Girl

My name is Emily and I am both delighted and proud to say that I am Head Girl of Upton Hall. Currently, I am studying Mathematics, Chemistry and Geography and I have the aspiration of studying Chemistry at university next year. 

To mark the bicentenary of the FCJ community, we have chosen a project which will focus on ways in which we can reduce isolation of the elderly and to also provide more resources for the homeless. 

Martha , Deputy Head Girl

My name is Martha and I am thrilled to be one of the Deputy Head Girls at Upton Hall School. I am studying English, Geography and Chemistry. In the future I aspire to study Geochemistry and specialise is sustainable energy.

My hope this year is to improve the Eco Club's profile in school. I wish to ensure that the school is as aware of the natural world as possible and to discuss the concerns, ideas and solutions for the schools environmental agenda. 

Charlotte, Deputy Head Girl

My name is Charlotte and I am honoured to represent Upton Hall School as Deputy Head Girl. I study Mathematics, Chemistry and Product Design Technology. I hope to continue my studies to become a Biomedical Engineer. 

This year, I would like to build on the "Here I Am" project. I believe in building the confidence  to enjoy and take part in activities that take you out of your comfort zone. Our interests and talents make us unique and I would like to encourage pupils to show them off!

Emily F, Deputy Head Girl

My name is Emily, and I am one of the five Deputy Head Girls at Upton Hall School. I study History, English Literature and Religious Studies with the hope of continuing to study English at university.

My goal this year is to emphasise the importance of mental health and student well-being. Secondary school can be a time full of changes and unfamiliarity and my aim is to help ensure the smooth transition for our younger pupils from primary school. I intend to achieve this by using older role models within the school to provide support and advice in response to any worries and concerns they may have. 

Caitlin, Deputy Head Girl

My name is Caitlin and I am a Deputy Head Girl. I am currently studying Chemistry, Psychology and Design Technology. Giving back to the school is important to me as I cannot express how much I have been supported and encouraged to achieve my optimum potential. 

My task this year is to enhance the school newspaper "Green and Gold" and to encourage all pupils to contribute to the content to empower and strengthen communication from every year group. I would also like to make "Green and Gold" digital to support the schools eco ambitions. 

Eleanor, Deputy Head Girl

My name is Eleanor and I am delighted to be representing the voice of pupils at Upton Hall School. I am currently studying Law, English Literature and History, which I hope will help me achieve my goal of becoming a Barrister.

As part of my role of Deputy Head Girl, I hope to raise awareness of disabilities. I think it is imperative that we learn about the challenges many people have to overcome. To create a fair and equal society we should learn to support those with daily difficulties and develop patience, empathy and understanding to form a core basis for a kinder and better community.