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Inspiring Young People

Student Leadership Team

Meet the Student Leadership Team 2022-23

Eleanor, Head Girl

I’m Eleanor and I am delighted to be Upton’s current Head Girl. I am studying A Levels in English Literature, History and Law. I will hopefully be embarking on a Law degree in the future and one day becoming a Barrister. It is an honour to lead a team of such creative and passionate young people. I hope over the next year we are able to cultivate all of our multi-disciplinary talents and give back to such a nurturing school community that has helped us to grow into adults ready for the world next May. In September, with the help of the rest of the Student Leadership Team, I hope to implement a specific Sixth Form Mentoring Scheme. This will involve us pairing an incoming Year 12 pupil with a Year 13 pupil who shares similar subject interests to them, to guide them through the academic year with the intention of aiding the transition to A Level/BTEC study from GCSE and to strengthen the inter year group relations. I hope my passion for current affairs can permeate through my implementations, with a specific focus on the importance of young people's voting and start up a Debating Club.


Libby, Deputy Head Girl

 I'm Libby and I'm thrilled to be one of Upton’s Deputy Head Girls this year. I’m currently studying English Literature, History and Psychology, however English is definitely my passion and I hope to study it at university. I wanted to join the Head Girl's Team as I feel that Upton’s sense of community and unity is so strong and I wanted to build on that; that’s why I want to create an annual Upton Art Gallery to add to the appreciation of the amazing artistic talent we have here at Upton.


Nyree, Deputy Head Girl

I’m Nyree and I’m very excited to be your new Deputy Head Girl! I currently study Spanish, English Language and Music at A level, and I look forward to studying Italian and Spanish at university next year. My main aim as Deputy Head Girl is to work closely with our Well-Being Team in establishing a school wide team of representatives, to continue encouraging the conversation about mental health in day to day school life between all year groups. Along with the rest of the team, I hope to be an approachable person, helping to enrich school life and maintain the standards of all the previous Head Girl’s Teams!


Eve, Deputy Head Girl

I’m Eve and I am thrilled to say that I am one of the Deputy Head Girls at Upton. I am currently studying Maths, Further Maths, English Literature and Geography and I’m hoping to study Maths at University. In my role, I hope to promote learning as a unit, both with each other and the environment. In light of this, I will work to strengthen the mentoring scheme for all year groups so I can help to improve the school community, and re-instate recycling schemes throughout the school, in order to reduce the school carbon footprint.

Charlotte, Deputy Head Girl

Hi my name’s Charlotte, and I am one of the Deputy Head Girls here at Upton. For A level I take Chemistry French and History, which is quite a strange combination I know. I am excited to be on the Head Girl's Team because I am eager to represent a school that I really am proud to be a part of. The environment at Upton has been perfect for me to learn and grow as a person. A big part of this atmosphere is down to the grounds; this coming year I would like to raise awareness about how we treat these grounds, having our dedicated cleaning staff in mind, as well as considering the impact of wastage on our wider environment.


Molly, Deputy Head Girl

I'm Molly, and I am delighted to be one of the Deputy Head Girls at Upton Hall School. I am currently studying Law, Psychology and English Language at A Level and hope to study Law at university next year. As a Deputy Head Girl I am looking forward to strengthening the communication between the Head Girl's Team and the rest of the school and to also implement new environmentally conscious initiatives. One of my main ideas is to create a textbook recycling scheme which encourages those leaving GCSE level and A Level to donate their textbooks to school which can be offered to those in need of them. We have a strong community here at Upton hall school and I can't wait to start giving back to it.