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Inspiring Young People

Student Leadership Team

Meet the Student Leadership Team 2021-22

Maddy, Head Girl

I’m Maddy, and I’m delighted (and honoured!) to say that I am the current Head Girl of Upton Hall School. I am studying Geography, Religious Studies, Mathematics, and Further Mathematics, and I hope to go on to read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at university, before possibly completing post-graduate degree in finance. Something I’m excited for in my new role is to forge links between myself and younger pupils in the school. I know it can be intimidating it can be trying to communicate with older students in any school, and I’m keen to advocate conversation and communication. Having only joined Upton in Year 9, I can confidently say that Upton is unlike any other local school: the focus on nurturing young people beyond both their academic and emotional potential is central to the school, and I can’t wait to be able to give something back!

Cassandra, Deputy Head Girl

I’m Cassie and I am thrilled to be a current member of the Head Girl’s Team.  I feel very fortunate to be at such a great school, so it is important for me to be able to give back to our school and our community through this role.  Currently I study Psychology, Sociology and Spanish and plan to do social sciences or sociology at university. I have been an active member of the school choir since year 7 and love being able to express myself through singing and music! 

I was inspired to apply for this position because I wanted to have an active role in our school community. I would love to contribute to education on social issues and become an advocate spreading awareness about current issues. Throughout my time at school, I have never been shy talking about these issues and raising awareness about them, and hope to continue in doing so in this position. I aim to encourage the continued celebration of diversity within our school, which is so important in our FCJ community.  

India, Deputy Head Girl

I’m India, and I’m very pleased to say that I am one of the Deputy Head Girls at Upton. I’m currently studying History, English Literature and Biology and hope to study History at university next year. I’m really looking forward to being part of a forward-looking team who have the ability to make a difference by implementing new initiatives relevant to our student body.  One of my main ideas is to create additional student support groups, with the help of our student Heads of Wellbeing, to help provide a listening service for students affected by bereavement, for example.  We are a very supportive community here and I can’t wait to start giving something back.  I look forward to making a difference!


Phoebe, Deputy Head Girl

I’m Phoebe and I’m delighted to be one of the new Deputy Head Girls! I am currently studying Biology, Psychology and Chemistry at A Level and I’m hoping to study Biomedical Science at university.  As Deputy Head Girl I want to further strengthen the sense of community throughout the school by enhancing the communication between year groups, which has certainly been more challenging this year as a result of the pandemic. I have a keen interest in environmental matters and have been inspired by the work of environmentalists around the world, as well as the Pope’s encyclical ‘Laudato Si’.  We are already a Green Flag School with a wildflower meadow, apple orchard and apiary, and I would like to introduce a compost area as well continuing to drive the reduction in the use single-use plastics, with the help of all pupils and staff.  I’m really looking forward to being part of the Head Girl’s Team and working towards making our school even greener!

Francesca, Deputy Head Girl


I’m Francesca, although those who know me call me Fran. I too am a Deputy Head Girl at Upton and I take Business, Law and PE at A Level.   I am hoping to secure an apprenticeship in accountancy, business or management in the future.  I feel strongly about improving awareness of health issues - particularly relating to female health - so that issues can be raised with greater confidence by young people.   I am a positive person and I hope to harness the use of electronic and social media in our community for positive purposes as a mechanism to spread positive, educational messages and good news stories to engage people in causes for good.

Contributing to our local community to help to reduce the impact of poverty on health, our team hopes to continue cooking for Wirral’s Homeless in the next academic year. 


Rachel, Deputy Head Girl

I’m Rachel and I feel honoured to have been given a role as Deputy Head Girl. Being a member of the FCJ community for the past six years and experiencing first hand the education, support and opportunities that Upton Hall has to offer, I know that I want to give back to our community. I am currently studying Mandarin, Maths and Spanish at A Level and hope to go on to study Mandarin and International Business at university. Aside from my passion for languages, I am extremely passionate about the environment, so I aim to make this school even more sustainable. Our school has already taken significant steps to become more eco-friendly, with our newly-planted wild flower area, our recycling boxes, and our annual ‘Earth day’, and we hope to make this an even greater priority in the future!