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Inspiring Young People


Course Overview

If you are fascinated by Spanish and its differences from English, then this course is for you. Through listening, reading, speaking and writing the language you will gain awareness and understanding of the cultural, social, commercial and political background of the countries where Spanish is spoken. 

We enable students to build on the skills acquired at GCSE and to develop an understanding of the grammar of Spanish. Languages are demanding at this level but will definitely enhance employment prospects and will facilitate opportunities to travel abroad. 

Entry Requirements

A minimum of a grade 6 in Spanish GCSE is required for A Level Spanish. 

A Level Topics and Assessment

1. Aspects of Hispanic Society

2. Multiculturalism in the Hispanic Society

3. Artistic culture in the Hispanic Society

4. Aspects of political life in the Hispanic World

5. Prescribed works:

Twelve works are available for study at A Level:Six literary works, and six films.

Candidates are required to study two works; one of which must be a literary work.


Unit 1: Listening, Reading and Writing

Unit 2: Writing

Unit 2: Speaking


Written Exam : 2 hours and 30 minutes

Written Exam: 2 hours

21-23  minutes


100 marks 

50% of A Level

80 marks 

20% of A Level

60 marks 

30% of A Level

Beyond the Classroom and Future Prospects

Language study contributes to a broad general education and gives you invaluable practical and transferable skills for the future. You may choose to specialise in Spanish at university or combine Spanish with other subjects such as Engineering or History. In most careers language abilities are highly valued. Recent A Level linguists have gone on to take, among other subjects: Business Studies, European Studies, International or European Law.

Student Experience

I enjoyed Spanish because of the many opportunities that it gives you to explore culture and language, as well as the chance to go on an exchange and to appreciate Spanish literature and films.