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Search for a Friend

November 2019

PETA RYDER (nee BROWNE) has asked us to post the following message as she is searching for her best friend from school:


I attended Upton Hall Convent from 1956 (I think) to July 1969.  I am searching for my former best friend OMAIRA GONZALES GONZALES from Venezuela who was a pupil from 1964 to 1967.  I know that she moved to Hungary as her father was in the Venezuelan Diplomatic Corps, but sadly we lost touch. 

If you can help please email uhs@uptonhall.org and we will try to put you in touch.


We have been contacted by a former pupil who is searching for her best friend from Upton.

Diana Kacperek (nee  Dugdale) attended Upton Hall Convent from 1958 to July 1969 and  would like to get in touch with a former friend (Paula Bishop 1963 -1970) with whom she has lost touch. 

Her sister, Janet Dugdale, also attended Upton Hall from 1957 – 1964.

She is travelling up to the Wirral in September and would like to meet her if it is possible.
If you would like to make contact please email 'uhs@uptonhall.org' and we will put you in touch with you.