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Inspiring Young People

Retreat Days


Year 7 Retreat Day


Year 7 enjoyed their retreat days which were held in the school chapel.

The purpose of the retreat day is to pray and reflect, be together with our form and with God. On our retreat day, led by sister Els, we reflected on the FCJ values from what they are and how we can incorporate them into our everyday lives. We focused especially on companionship and how important it is to be open and gentle with each other.

We watched clips from the movie Paddington to deepen our understanding of the value of companionship. First of all we have to notice the people around us before we can respond to them. Sometimes we initially feel hesitant but we might change our mind about people and being friends later on so it’s important not to judge straight away.

Then we had the opportunity to visit the Mary garden: a beautiful hidden place, and the graveyard where a lot of FCJ sisters are buried.

A favourite part of the day was the chapel quiz, where we could explore the chapel with its history and objects in teams.

In several places in school we’ve seen the FCJ mandala that tells the story of the FCJ charism which is companionship. We then were encouraged to think about our own story and make our own mandalas through writing, drawing and colouring, which was very relaxing.

We all had a wonderful day.


Josephine, Grace, Ruby (Ethos Reps Year 7)