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Inspiring Young People

Religious Studies

Course Overview

A Level Religious Studies helps students develop their interest in, and enthusiasm for, a rigorous study of Religion and its relation to the wider world. This four-unit specification encourages students to reflect on and develop their own values, opinions and attitudes in the light of their learning. Students will have an opportunity to study aspects of one or more religions, including textual, theological, historical, ethical, phenomenological and philosophical perspectives. 

Entry Requirements

A minimum of a grade 6 in GCSE Religious Studies is required to study A Level Religious Studies.

A Level Topics and Assessment

1.   A study of Religion—Christianity

Theme 1: Religious Figures and Sacred Texts

Theme 2: Religious Concepts and Religious Life

Theme 3: Significant social and historical development in religious thought

Theme 4: Religious practices that shape religious identity

2.  Philosophy of Religion

Theme 1: Arguments for the existence of God

Theme 2: Challenges to religious beliefs

Theme 3: Religious Experience

Theme 4: Religious Language

3.  Religion and Ethics

Theme 1: Ethical Thoughts

Theme 2: Deontological  Ethics

Theme 3: Teleological Ethics

Theme 4: Determinism and Freewill


WJEC (Eduqas) Exam

Unit 1  A study of Religion

Unit 2 Philosophy of Religion

Unit 3 Religion and Ethics


Written Exam: 2 Hours

Written Exam: 2 Hours

Written Exam: 2 Hours


100 Marks

33.3% of A Level

100 Marks

33.3% of A Level

100 Marks

33.3% of A Level



Beyond the Classroom and Future Prospect

The specification encourages students to develop critical and evaluative skills which will enable them to go on to higher education to study a wide range of courses including Religious Studies, Theology, Philosophy, Law, Sociology and the Social Sciences. 

Religious Studies is looked on favourably by disciplines such as Medicine and Law because of the Ethical and Philosophical components which are academically rigorous. It raises awareness of the complexities of the issues which define the modern world.

Student Experience

RS makes you delve deeper into the way we live our lives. It gives a sense of perspective through learning other religions. You also learn to value and respect other people's opinions