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Inspiring Young People

Pupil praise

We are delighted to have received some very positive feedback from the local community regarding the conduct and appearance of our pupils.  Given that they are Upton's best asset, we are proud to include some of these comments below.

We were on a No 437 bus yesterday when a number of your pupils boarded who were most courteous to other people at the bus stop allowing them on first.  It was a pleasure to see such well mannered girls who behaved impeccably whilst on the bus and looked really smart in their school uniforms.

We feel that young people sometimes get a bad press and thought that your school deserved to be praised.

Two senior citizenS

The visitors to school this morning were very impressed with the Year 7 pupils who conducted their tour.  They said the girls were friendly, polite, knowledgeable and patient - a credit to the school!

PRospective parents visiting upton

Can you just pass on to the Headteacher of Upton how lovely, polite and courteous the girls who get off the 437 in Upton each morning are.

As they get on and off nearly all the girls say thank you to the Driver. This has not gone unnoticed by a number of us at the bus stop.  This makes a refreshing change.


As Chairman of the Wirral Symphony Orchestra may I, on behalf of my Committee, thank you most sincerely for agreeing to help us with our Mahler Concert on Saturday night and for the work you put in to make it successful.  I do very much hope  you and your pupils involved enjoyed the experience.  We all thought the singing was really lovely and a credit to all involved.

Email from rod tann, chair of wso to head of music regarding chamber choir's performance

I was in the Albert Dock in Liverpool this afternoon and was asked by several groups of your students to take part in a survey.  I was extremely impressed by the manners of the girls.  They were all very polite and sensible and looked really smart in their uniforms.  They were all an absolute credit to the school - well done to them and to you and all your staff!


A lady was travelling on the bus from Upton to Seacombe and was impressed that, when she got on the bus, girls stood up immediately to offer her a seat.  She also remarked that, although the bus was crowded, the girls were not noisy or unruly.  She said it was a happy atmosphere and she would like to say 'Thank you Upton !'