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Progress Watch

Throughout the course of last year we introduced a new scheme entitled “Progress Watch”.  Progress watch is a supportive mechanism which will provide your daughter with a personalised approach to helping her reach her potential. 

If selected, your daughter will meet with her form tutor on a weekly basis and will be set small progressive targets which will be recorded and available for you to see.  These targets will be reviewed at each meeting, and relevant information will be shared with subject teachers and parents.  Progress watch will provide your daughter with the opportunity to raise any concerns she may have, identify any additional support that she may need, and commit to making changes to her study habits which will develop her ability to engage fully in the learning process.

Progress Watch does not mean that your daughter is not performing well in school.  Girls are selected for a wide range of reasons, and it may be that we want to ensure that your daughter is being stretched and challenged at the appropriate level, and has a clear plan of action which will allow her to make outstanding progress.  During this period of intense mentoring your daughter will be provided with the necessary support in order to ensure that she is able to take charge of her own learning, and is able to grow and succeed.