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Year 7 & 8 cover Physics in KS3 Science.

The Department

The Department's aims are:

  • To invoke a love of Physics in everyone.
  • To encourage all to see the awe and wonder in our Universe.
  • To promote logical thinking and problem solving skills for life.

Pen portraits

Mrs E Seed

I love to see the wonder in everyday life. Inspired to study engineering by my Dad who encouraged me, even when I was told ‘it’s a boys subject’.

Mrs V Holmes

I fell in love with Physics because of my problem solving skills and the need to know how everything works. Everyone thinks Physics is only for the super-intellectual; it isn’t; everyone can understand how amazing the Universe around us is.

Work from the department. 

Year 11 independent work on the electromagnetic spectrum. Research skills have been utilised well and some interesting points have been raised about the challenging waves topic.

This is Year 10 work on nuclear decay equations from the Radioactivity work. This shows an understanding of what happens during beta decay and of how the loss of the electron affects the element formed.

This is Year 13 work on Capacitance showing application of knowledge from a number of topics on the course and excellent mathematical skills.

Excellent, well drawn lens diagrams by Year 11. This shows an understanding of how the two different types of lens and what they are used for.

This is a piece of Year 9 independent work on power stations. It shows a good understanding of the components of the power station and how they are linked.

This is Year 12 practical work on dispersion. This shows great practical skills as this is a difficult outcome to achieve.

For more information

Upton Hall Physics Dept (Twitter) @UptonDept