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Upton Hall School

Overview of Assessment

Key Stage 3 and National Curriculum (NC) levels

The new Key Stage 3 National Curriculum does not have ‘assessment levels’. Schools have the freedom to develop their own means of assessing pupils’ progress towards the end of key stage expectations. In the year ahead we will be using former NC levels as a basis to assess your daughter’s progress. In addition to the whole numbered levels, sub levels of lower ‘l’, middle ‘m’ and higher ‘h’ will also be used. Please note that in some subjects the pupils will start at a higher level than others as they may not have studied the subject before.

In future years, we will be developing our own assessment system and further information about this will be provided in due course.


In order for pupils to make outstanding progress, there must be rigorous and meaningful assessment in place. This can be used to inform pupils exactly how they can improve their work thereby encouraging them to become more actively involved in the process.

There are various forms of assessment. The main two are formative and summative assessment.

Formative assessment takes place in every lesson and reshapes learning and teaching as it provides regular and meaningful feedback both to the teacher and the learner. This feedback can be through various different methods such as: discussion, written work, self or peer assessment or through formative testing. Pupils/students are regularly involved in formative assessment and through their time at the school will develop skills to help them to assess their work and set challenging targets for improvement. Teachers will also provide pupils/students with meaningful formative assessment comments which will include clear targets for improvement (that the student should act upon) and also celebrate areas of strength.

It is therefore our aim that each pupil/student will be able to identify what they are doing well and what they must do to further improve within each subject.

Summative assessments are used for a number of purposes and once again, these assessments are used (where possible) to enable both teachers and pupils/students to develop next steps for learning.

When are these reported to parents?

The results of summative assessments are reported to parents at specific points during the academic year and key dates are published on the school’s calendar.

What is my role as a parent?

Pupils/Students record their individual subject targets and their current attainment levels/grades in their planners and in their exercise books. Many subjects have ‘progress guides’ in books so that this can be tracked.

We encourage you to engage in a dialogue together about current progress within each subject, current attainment and next steps to improve.

If there are concerns about progress within particular subject areas, we will contact you. However, if you are concerned, then please do contact us.