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Course Overview

The  A Level in Music offers a broad and coherent course of study which encourages learners to recognise the interdependence of musical knowledge, understanding and skills, and make links between the integrated activities of performing, composing and appraising underpinned by attentive listening, in order to broaden musical experience and interests, develop imagination and foster creativity.

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 or above at GCSE Music or Grade 5 Theory, and at least Grade 5 (ABRSM or equivalent) in your main instrument.

Commitment to extra-curricular activities is also necessary to develop and improve your performance skills. 

A Level Topics and Assessment

  1. The Western Classical Tradition (The development of the Symphony 1750-1900)
  2. A choice of one area of study from: Rock and Pop / Musical Theatre / Jazz
  3. A choice of one area of study from: 'Into the Twentieth Century' / 'Into the Twenty-first century'

WJEC Exam 


Unit 1


Unit 2


Unit 3

Written Examination



Option A : Total duration of performances : 10-12 minutes

Option B : Total duration of performances : 6-8 minutes

Option A : Total duration of composition : 6-8  minutes

Option B : Total duration of composition : 8-10 minutes

2 hours 15 minutes

(including a listening examination)


Option A : 35% of A Level ; Option B : 25% of A Level

Option A : 25% of A Level; Option B: 35% of A level

40% of A Level 

Beyond the Classroom and Future Prospects

A Level Music prepares students for study and careers in performance, composition, musicology, ethnomusicology, sound engineering, conducting, popular music and jazz, and music education. 

Music helps you to develop a variety of skills such as analysis, dedication, teamwork, self confidence and self-reliance, as well as providing a means of artistic expression and relaxation. It stretches your imagination and playing an instrument also makes you think and react quickly. Skills such as these are valuable to all types of employers.

Student Experience

The great thing about Music is that you're given the theoretical knowledge needed to truly appreciate how compositions are put together.