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Upton Hall School

Meet the Student Leadership Team

Head Girl's Team 2017-18

Olivia, Head Girl

My name is Olivia and I have the pleasure of being the new Head Girl of Upton Hall School FCJ. On this page you will find information about our Leadership Team, which is made up of myself and 5 Deputy Head Girls, as well as our Head of Wellbeing and Student Voice.

As well as leading the whole School Council in meetings each half term, we also meet as a Sixth Form Cabinet with our Head of Houses and Deputy Heads of Houses.  Details of our Houses can be found here.

Within the Head Girl's Team our overall goal for the next academic year is to enhance communication within the school.

I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths with the aspiration of studying Medicine at University. My personal area of responsibility is to enhance the current enrichment speakers’ programme that we have in school, as I think this plays an integral role in broadening our horizons and enhancing our appreciation of prevalent issues beyond our own Sixth Form. I hope to achieve this by gathering views from students in order to contact the desired professionals to enrich our understanding of the wider world.

Chloe, Deputy Head Girl

My name is Chloe and I am a Deputy Head Girl here at Upton Hall School.   I am currently studying Biology, Maths and Psychology, and I am a keen dancer outside school.  My area of leadership responsibility for the next academic year l is to further develop the current ‘student listeners’ programme, where trained Sixth Form students act as listeners for younger students, to help them with their transition from Primary School and in the lower years at Upton Hall. Next year, we aim to set up an email system in order for students to feel more comfortable when arranging a meeting with one of our Sixth Form student listeners. 

Darcey, Deputy Head Girl

My name is Darcey and I am also a Deputy Head Girl.   I am currently studying Biology, French and Music at A Level.  I have a real passion for Music, Drama and other performance and creative subjects;  over the next academic year I will be leading key ‘showcase’ events for students and pupils throughout the school to really celebrate and encourage an appreciation for the wide range of creative talents in our school community!

Tara, Deputy Head Girl

My name is Tara and I am also a Deputy Head Girl at Upton Hall. I am currently studying English Literature, History and Religious Studies with a hope to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at university. I have a keen interest in local, national and international politics and have taken part in political debates and historical debates in order to develop this passion.  Over the next academic year, I want to raise pupils’ awareness of human rights, politics and international citizenship, and I aim to achieve this through setting up a Model United Nations and holding more 'Write For Rights' events in which students have the opportunity to write a letter to ‘prisoners of conscience’ in foreign countries.