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Details of the curriculum for KS3 and KS4 are included here split into Year group information.  Click on the relevant tab  on the left to access this.

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The Department

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Pen Portraits

Mr R Nall - Head of Mathematics

Numbers help us understand the world, and maths helps us understand numbers. In studying for my degree in Mathematics at the University of Liverpool, I was fascinated to discover the endless applications of mathematics in Science, Technology and Engineering; we are surrounded by numbers, equations and algorithms. I particularly enjoyed Coding Theory and how this can be used to detect errors, and which, can be used to provide methods to reconstruct the original message.

Mr B Fitzgerald - Second in Mathematics

I am at my second school, having started at King David High School in Manchester before arriving at Upton Hall School. I very much enjoyed maths, both at school and at university, and I also enjoy teaching the subject. I like to see students trying things, being unafraid of making mistakes, and sharing ideas for problem solving. I think maths at its best is a very creative subject.

Miss C McGivern

My passion for Maths doesn’t lie in one specific area: whilst studying Mathematics at the University of Glasgow, I learnt about Galois theory, number theory and numerical methods. I also enjoy more applied areas of mathematics like financial statistics and mechanics as I appreciate being able to relate my study to real life situations.

Miss E Heatlie 

I was inspired by my own teachers at Upton to develop a love for Pure Mathematics and went on to study Mathematics at the University of Leeds. I particularly enjoy proof by induction; some people are given a statement, told that it is true, and are satisfied with that. I have a desire to learn why a statement is true, and I appreciate the power of Mathematics not only to identify patterns, but to explain why they arise!

Miss Powell

My passion for Maths started when I was a pupil at Upton and continued as I studied Mathematics at the University of Liverpool. I particularly enjoyed studying Number Theory, Game Theory and Mathematical Economics. I appreciate both the logic involved in solving a mathematical problem and fulfilment I gain from getting the solution.

Mr B Camsell 

As a Maths teacher, it may seem obvious to say but I have always loved Maths. The calculations, the equations, the proofs, they all just seem right. Maths has an incredible way to show, describe and explain the world around us. I studied a joint honours degree of Sport and Exercise Science with Mathematics at the University of Chester. Maths helped in all of the Sports modules I completed (Nutrition, Biomechanics and Sociology), my 2 academic passions coming together!

Mr H Lee from September 2022   (Picture & Portrait to follow)

A Maths Treasure Hunt in H14


Year 8 practising prime factorisation

Year 8 having fun completing a Tarsia on Highest Common Factor

Sara in Y10 with her good work postcard 

Year 11 exponential function tarsia

Pupils learning with mini white boards


​A Level Further Maths Tarsia