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Mandarin Chinese

We hope you are looking forward to joining us in September to study A Level Chinese.

 We follow the Edexcel specification, which can be found here

There is also a copy of this specification, along with a vocabulary booklet, in the related documents section at the bottom of this page.

Ms Hu


  1. Book Vocabulary 词汇(part 1)
    DOCX File
  2. Qs - part 1 (问答题)
    DOCX File
  3. A Level Chinese summer work - Y11 transform to the 6th form
    DOCX File
  4. Specification_GCE_A_level_L3_in_Chinese
    PDF File



To understand the Radicals of Chinese character by watching Youtube (see the links below) and find out some useful information from the websites.




Please see the attachments in the section Related Documents below, for all the activities to complete.