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Inspiring Young People


Course Overview

Students of Law will study both Criminal Law and the Law governing the rules of Negligence. A Level students will continue to study different areas of criminal law as well as considering conceptual issues. Studying Law develops students’ problem solving skills through the application of legal rules to real life scenarios. A Level Law is excellent preparation for students who wish to progress to degree level study or pursue a wide variety of careers. 

** Year 12 are studying the AQA Law Specification from September 2021

Entry Requirements

A grade 5 in GCSE English Language to study A Level Law.

A Level Topics and Assessment

1. The Legal System

2. Criminal Law

3. Law making

4. The Law of Tort

5. The nature of Law

6. Human Rights or Contract Law

OCR Exam 

Paper 1: The Legal System and Criminal Law

Paper 2: Law Making and the Law of Tort

Paper 3:  The Nature of Law and Human Rights Law or Contract Law


Written exam: 2 Hours

Written exam: 2 Hours

Written exam: 2 Hours


100 Marks

33.3% of A Level 

100 Marks

33.3% of A Level 

100 Marks

33.3% of A Level 

Beyond the Classroom and Future Prospects

Students of A Level Law will have the opportunity to take part in the Bar Mock Trial organised by the National Citizenship Foundation. 

A Level Law can lead to a wide variety of careers including those in Law, Business, Human Resources, Marketing and Social Work to name just a few.

Student Experience

Studying A Level Law was  a new and exciting challenge which helped develop my analytical and critical thinking.