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Joining from another school?


If you are considering joining Upton Hall Sixth Form from another school, this account of a student's transition this September provides an insight into life in our Sixth Form.

Eve,  who joined us from a local school.

I am a  student of Upton Sixth Form who moved here after completing my GCSEs. The switch was one of the biggest decisions I've ever made. Staying at my old school felt like the safer option. Staying amongst my friends, people I've known for years, teachers who know me and the way that I learn. I thought that if I stayed at my old school I would be more comfortable and staying somewhere I felt safe was far more appealing to me than taking a risk and moving to a place where I would be a complete stranger. A place I didn’t know my way around, what the food was like, or anything really! If you are considering moving to Upton for sixth form these are thoughts that are probably going around your head as well. Moving to a new school can be a scary decision. Moving to a new school can be a bit of a risk. But I am glad that I took that risk and I am glad moved here because it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.

My first day at Upton Sixth Form I knew no one. Showing up at a new place and not knowing anyone may have ended up being a bad experience, if the place had not been Upton Hall. There is nothing hostile about the girls here, they immediately welcomed me and took me in as one of their own. I was struck by the caring nature that seemed to flow through every girl in this school. I had good friends at my old school I thought I would find myself to be lonely when I first came, that it might take a while for me to find friends, to be a part of the school. In the three months I've been here I have not sat alone at lunch once. I've never been without a partner, to discuss the subject matter with in lessons. I've been here for three months but the Upton girls have made me feel like I've been here for years. My first day at Upton Sixth Form I knew no one. By the end of the day I had friends. It’s impossible to go to this school and feel lonely. You will undoubtedly make some amazing friends. So if you're worrying about leaving your friends behind: there are more friends than you might think to be found here. 

It’s not only the students here who have made the transition between schools so easy and enjoyable. The teachers here all seem to have a passion for their subject that is contagious. They not only want you to get the highest grades possible, they really care about the individual students. In the three months I have been here I have been inspired to work harder than ever before and that is down to the teachers. Having said this, I never doubted the quality of teaching when considering moving here. The high standards of teaching are very apparent from the consistently exceptional grades students obtain here. You see the amount the teachers care about the students here is evident from all of the extra work they do running the extracurricular activities. These extracurricular activities are a great example of the opportunities that Upton Hall provides its students with. The things I was able to do during my first term here, I’ll never forget! From going down to London for a conference on immigration to competing in the Bar Mock Trial to Speaking in the Wirral Youth Parliament; these are experiences that I thank Upton for and no doubt they will help me when I apply to university. They have also made me feel like a member of the Upton community; I often forget I wasn’t here for the first five years of high school.

I suppose what I am trying to say is, yes, it is scary and a little daunting the prospect of moving to a new school where you, perhaps, don’t know anyone. Yet the people here, staff and students alike, are so welcoming you will feel as comfortable, as safe and as at home as you did in your old school. At Upton Hall succeeding academically is a given but you will also find yourself enjoying your time here.