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Information for Universities (Covid disruption)

Information for university and college admissions teams (2022 admissions cycle)

School closures and online provision

Upton Hall School closed from 20 March 2020 as directed by the government in their response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Students’ lessons were provided through Google Classroom and, where necessary, paper-based resources were provided to ensure, as far as possible, equal access to all students.  GCSE results were awarded using Centre-Assessed Grades.  In January 2021 schools were closed gain for almost a term, and students missed face-to-face teaching once again, receiving online live lessons instead. 

Our tight-knit FCJ school community was particularly affected by the hospitalisation of one of our Deputy Headteachers who is held in very high esteem by both colleagues and students alike. As one of the most serious cases of a ‘survivor’ nationally, the impact of his prolonged hospitalisation and recovery had significant emotional and day-to-day implications.

As a school serving students from a range of socioeconomic backgrounds, students’ households have undoubtedly been affected by the economic impact of the lockdown and subsequent recession.

Continued disruption/isolation in 2020-21 (when students where in Year 12)

As part of the ‘Track and Trace’ regulations regarding self-isolation, our students are experiencing continued disruption to their face-to-face lessons; for every positive case in school, close contacts have to isolate at home for 14 days. As of Autumn 2020 the Wirral was identified as a high risk area, as a result of the high level cases in the Liverpool City Region.  

The summer term of 2021 was particularly disruptive, with almost 50% of our current Year 13 students being isolated at least once.  Over 30% of the cohort were isolating during their formal Year 12 examinations.

Work Experience

All Year 12 (current Year 13) students had their work experience placements cancelled, which was scheduled to take place in June.  Therefore, for the second year running, students in the current Year 13 are at a significant disadvantage when compared to previous cohorts of students. This includes but is not an exhaustive list of placement that would normally take place in Yera 12:

  • Primary school placements for teaching applicants
  • Hospital and GP placements for Medicine applicants
  • Veterinary placements, such as small animal practices, farm placements and equine placements were cancelled.
  • ‘Shadowing’ placements for other healthcare applicants, including Nursing and Midwifery applicants.

Medicine 2022 applicants

Unfortunately, owing to the pandemic, our 2022 Medicine applicants were not offered the 'Intromed' placement programme which typically involved students gaining observation experience in a clinical setting at Arrowe Park Hospital.

Unlike in previous years, students also experienced the complete shutdown of face-to-face experience relating to their applications, such as voluntary work, work with specific groups within society and the Duke of Edinburgh’s expeditions.