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In Year Admissions Process

In Year admissions - From 1 November 2021, in year admissions will be coordinated by the school itself.  Prior to this date applications should be made via Wirral Local Authority Pupil Services Department.

From 1 November 2021, please complete and submit the online application form which can be accessed from the left tab.  Deadline for applications is two weeks prior to the Assessment Dates listed above.  

For those wishing to make an in year application please note that there are a limited number of dates available for assessments for this purpose.  These are as follows:

Autumn Sitting - Thursday 3 November 2022 (Deadline for applications: Thursday 20 October 2022)  

Spring Sitting - Wednesday 1 March 2023 (Deadline for applications: Tuesday 14 February 2023)

Summer Sitting - Wednesday 7 June 2023 (Deadline for applications: Wednesday 24 May 2023)

Baptism certificates for Roman Catholic pupils, if not attached to the online application form, must be submitted before the closing date or the application will be considered as non Catholic.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are seeking a place for your daughter in Year 7 for September 2023, please do not use the In Year email address, but contact Mrs D Taylor who is responsible for Year 7 Admissions for September 2023.