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We hope you are looking forward to joining us in September to study BTEC IT

 We follow the Pearson specification, which can be found here

Mrs L Smith

  1. BTEC Transition Worksheet (1)
    PDF File

Recommended Textbook

Mandatory: Revise BTEC National Information Technology Revision Guide Third Edition

Optional: BTEC Nationals Information Technology Student Book

The BTEC IT qualification is broken down into four separate units. The first unit you will be studying in September is Using Social Business in Business. Social media is a phenomenon of the internet age; nothing like it existed before. Its immense popularity has provided a new way for individuals, businesses and other groups to communicate with each other. For business users, social media provides a new way to interact with the public and customers. This unit is about the ways in which businesses can make use of social media, the methods and benefits of doing so and the issues and dangers than exist.

Research Task:

I would like you to investigate the different ways that businesses use social media as opposed to individuals.

  1. Complete the worksheet (this can be found in the Related Document section below) to research the different features of a variety of social media sites.
  2. Pick a company who use social media heavily for their business (eg. boohoo, in the style). Write about one page about how and why they have been successful in using social media in business. Give examples of their success, you could include screenshots of number of views, etc. Why do they use celebrities? Is this a good thing? Explain why you think that businesses use social media sites that would ordinarily be designed for personal use?