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Inspiring Young People


We have five Houses; Aether, Air, Earth, Fire and  Water.

We have introduced a fifth house for the new academic year: Aether.

The names of the houses refer to the five elements that were believed to make up creation.  These elements should remind us to look around and appreciate the natural world and the wonder that is creation. We need to learn about and protect the ecology of our world, appreciate light and conserve the power that gives us artificial light, protect our air from pollutants and appreciate the value of water, remembering to avoid waste.

The Houses represent the whole of creation and are important components of the school. The re-introduction of a House system grew from the success of pupil to pupil mentoring that has been used to great effect. At its best the mentoring saw Sixth Form students work with younger pupils in a particular subject on a one to one basis to help increase their confidence and support their academic progress. The House system allows pupils and students to gather in a form group structure so that older pupils can support the younger ones.

The Houses enrich our community by providing activities and opportunities for pupil leadership and to this end House leadership per day is being introduced as follows:

House & Form

Leadership Day
Fire (C) Monday
Water (H) Tuesday
Air (J) Wednesday
Earth (S) Thursday
Aether (U) Friday


Each House has a Head and Deputy Head, each year group has House Captains and each Form has House representatives.

Click on a House Badge to learn more about our five houses.