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Upton Hall School

Exceptional Aptitude

At Upton Hall we believe all of our pupils to be gifted and talented in many different ways.  We are a school that focuses upon all pupils having the opportunity to access a range of resources and learning opportunities which promote excellence both within and outside of the curriculum.  During the course of this year we have formed an Exceptional Aptitude cohort, which consists of approximately 90 pupils from Years 7-13.  These pupils have been identified as having particular gifts and talents in a number of areas.  The girls are being taught how to use these gifts and talents effectively in order to maximise their progress through participation in a range of extension activities which aim to stretch, challenge and provoke further thinking. 

Please find attached the Exceptional Aptitude Schedule for 2016-2017 for information.  The new programme will be posted shortly for 2017-2018.