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Upton Hall School

Inspiring Young People

Drama and Theatre

Course Overview

A Level students participate in the creation and development of a range of live theatre performances. Students will learn how to explore, analyse and perform extracts from plays in order to create theatre, They also develop their verbal and writing skills in the critical evaluation of the essential elements. This course will help you to develop your understanding of drama and theatre, using analytical and creative skills, and an ability to communicate effectively with others.

Entry Requirements

If Drama and/or Performing Arts have been studied at GCSE, a minimum of a grade 6 is required for A Level Drama and Theatre Studies.

If Drama and/or Performing Arts have not been studied at GCSE, a minimum of a grade 6 in English is required for A Level Drama and Theatre Studies.

A Level Topics and Assessment

  1. Induction - What is Drama? What is Theatre?
  2. An introduction to Drama and Theatre History
  3. Working with plays and practitioners
  4. Developing acting and performance or design skills
  5. Understanding and using the language of Drama and Theatre Studies
  6. Devising, performing and evaluating original theatre
  7. The work of the playwright, performer, directors and designer
  8. Understanding practical skills, theatrical forms and structures
  9. How to create, realise and justify your director’s interpretation of a play
  10. How to recognise, analyse and evaluate a director’s interpretation of a text


Unit 1: Theatre Workshop

Unit 2: Text in Action

Unit 3: Text in performance


Internally assessed as either an actor or designer in the performance of a text

Externally assessed as either an actor or designer in two live theatre performances.

Written Examination: The exploration of Theatre history, syle and genre.


20% of A Level

40% of A Level

40% of A Level


Beyond the Classroom and Future Prospects

Students of A Level Drama and Theatre Studies take part in a number of large and small scale productions throughout the course and are encouraged to visit the theatre regularly. Drama and Theatre Studies students can take advantage of organised theatre trips and will develop a number of transferable and employment related skills such as team work, communication, reliability, personal presentation skills and the ability to be resourceful in a variety of situations.  Drama and Theatre Studies can lead to and support careers in the theatre and media, technical theatre design, entertainment management, teaching, literature and other opportunities such as retail, charitable work and human resources.

Student Experience

I enjoyed Drama because it offered a wide range of skills applicable for any career.