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Computing/Computer Science

Details of the curriculum for KS3 and KS4 are included here split into Year group information.  Click on the relevant tab  on the left to access this.

The Department

The Curriculum aims to develop learner’s knowledge, skills and understanding through key computational concepts and experience. The teachers provide a platform for pupils to develop into resilient learners who are able to recover and learn from mistakes and effectively solve problems.  Computing can develop our thinking in a more logical way and improve our ability to make decisions and solve problems.

Everyone should learn how to code; it teaches you how to think (Steve Jobs)

Pen portraits

Ms Smith:

Ms Smith graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a first class honours degree in Information Technology with Secondary Education. She has subsequently re-trained as a computer science teacher and has a keen interest in all things technology related. She particularly enjoys watching her pupils progress from novices to experts in computer programming, as they develop their resilience and problem-solving skills.

Mrs Griffiths:

Mrs Griffiths takes a particular interest in helping KS3 pupils grasp a firm understanding of programming basics so that they are able to use this knowledge and apply it to advanced programming techniques further on in their education.  She is a technology enthusiast and enjoys looking at how computers can enhance the world we live in.  This is an important theme covered in the computer hardware unit of work.