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Inspiring Young People


Our school motto “Age quod Agis” translates as “Whatever you do, do it well”. We encourage students to do their best, and more importantly to become the best person they can be: loving God and their neighbour.

Companionship is central to all that that shapes our Chaplaincy.  As companions, we walk alongside our students, to accompany and be present with and for them as they grow up. We provide pastoral support and welcome to all in our community, regardless of personal convictions or beliefs.

‘Strong in companionship, the unique giftedness of every person in our faith community is recognised, nourished and celebrated.’ (FCJ Education – Our Vision and Values)

We help the school community to reflect on their lives, the Catholic faith and the world around us.  Finding God in all things is at the core of our spirituality and is rooted in our growing awareness that God can be found in every one, in every place and in everything. We promote and encourage spiritual awareness and accompany our students as they seek to deepen their spiritual lives and grow to reach their full potential.  

Our faith infuses the daily life of the school with daily prayer, regular masses, liturgies and annual retreat days.

Faith without deeds is meaningless, therefore we provide opportunities to put faith into action; to show love more in deeds than in words. We encourage all students to take responsibility to make this school a welcoming place for all and to grow into mature women with a spirit of charity, social justice, and global awareness.

"May God always be with you and direct all your deeds."

Marie Madeleine, FCJ Foundress