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Business Studies

We hope you are looking forward to joining us in September to study A level Business.

 We follow the Edexcel A Level Business specification, which can be found here

Although the vast majority of you will not have studied Business at GCSE level, there are lots of things you can do to get yourself prepared for September. 

We want you to be inspired, engaged and full of questions by the time we start in September!

Mrs Hall and Miss Crichton

  1. Year 11 transition task for A Level Business
    PDF File
  2. Year 11 transition task 2 for A Level Business
    PDF File
  3. Year 11 transition task 3 for A Level Business (1)
    PDF File
  4. Year 11 transition task 4 for A Level Business (2)
    PDF File

The course textbook is Edexcel AS/A Level Business (5th Edition) by Dave Hall, Rob Jones et al. by Pearson

However, as you are unlikely to have studied GCSE Business, we would recommend starting with something a little simpler and more general:

1. BBC Bitesize GCSE Business - This site contains links to some of the basic topics at a GCSE level.  We would recommend the topics within each of the following modules:

‘Enterprise and entrepreneurship’


‘Spotting a business opportunity’

It is also useful to begin understanding the different types of businesses and how they are owned and there is some good information at:

2. Business Review articles (The Business Review is an A Level magazine which can be found in our school library.)  In the meantime, here are some articles which you might find interesting:

Veja trainers

Building a brand at Cadbury’s

Coca Cola buys Costa

3. You should also become familiar with current news stories so you could read:

BBC Business articles.  Here some links to current news stories you might like:

The Guardian Business (free content online)

The Independent Business (fee content online)


BBC’s ‘The World of Business’:

BBC Radio 4’s ‘In Business’:

Tim Harford’s ‘50 Things that made the Modern Economy’ available on BBC Sounds - click on the following  interesting episodes:

Fast food franchise


Market research


BBC Dragons’ Den for an entertaining insight into business start-ups.

Financial Times videos such as:

Lush Cosmetics

The Economist’s videos such as:

The true cost of fast fashion

The future of the car industry

Tutor2u (a site with lots of free contact for students of A Level Business):

Please see the following transition activities in the Related Document section below.  We will publish even more over the coming weeks so watch this space!

Task 1 - Topic 1 - Market Growth / Share

Task 2 - Topic 2 - Business Ethics

Task 3 - Topic 3 - Globalisation

Task 4 - Topic 4 - Managing People (Motivating Employees)