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Course Overview

Students of Business Studies A Level will study business in a variety of contexts (e.g. large/small, UK focused/global, service/manufacturing).

The course allows you to follow business developments and think critically about contemporary business issues. Most of the assessment material is based on real business situations;  by examining and thinking critically about real business situations as students will gain an insight into the  different contexts in which businesses operate.

Entry Requirements

If Business Studies has been  studied at GCSE, a minimum of a grade 6 is required for A Level Business Studies.

If Business Studies has not been studied at GCSE, a minimum of a grade 5 in English is required for A Level Business Studies.

A Level Topics and Assessment

Theme 1: Marketing and people (The market, marketing activity, entrepreneurs, leadership)

Theme 2: Managing business activities (Raising and managing finance, external influences)

Theme 3: Business decisions and strategy (Objectives, strategy, growth, decision making techniques)

Theme 4: Global Business (Globalisation, global markets, expansion)

Edexcel exam

Paper 1

Themes 1 and 4

Paper 2

Themes 2 and 3

Paper 3

Synoptic paper


Written Exam: 2 hours

Written Exam: 2 hours

Written Exam based on a pre - released case study :

2 hours


100 marks 35% of A Level

100 marks 35% of A Level

100 marks 30% of A Level


Beyond the Classroom and Future Prospects

A Business A Level can lead to careers in Business Management, Business Administration, Accounting, Law, Finance, Human Resources and Marketing.

Students of A Level Business Studies have the opportunity to take a leading role in the school's enterprise projects, such as the Green Lady apple juice and Golden Lady honey, as well as taking part in competitions with organisations such as Urban Plan or  the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales). There is also an annual trip to London where students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in life in the 'City'as well as visiting start-up enterprises / established businesses in different sectors.



Student Experience

I recommend Business as it provides an intriguing insight into the commercial world. I found it especially interesting to explore management methods and to study various influences that affect a business' operations.