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8. Gaudete Trust, FCJ Educational Trust & Diocese

The Trust was established by the congregation of the Faithful Companions of Jesus to work with schools to ensure that they operate within the teachings, tenets and practices of the Catholic Church in accordance with the ethos reflecting the FCJ charism.

The five schools in England and Jersey which comprise the FCJ Educational Trust are;

As members of the Trust, we have been able to share and reap the benefits of many of the achievements and activities which the FCJ Educational Trust provide, including;

  • Facilitation for 250 Sixth Form students from different FCJ schools to attend a conference hosted by Gumley on ‘Fake News’, which included guest speaker Fergal Keane.
  • Sharing of best practice to continue our support and deliver educational tools on mental health and resilience for students.
  • Curriculum leadership training for 17 curriculum leaders across all FCJ schools.
  • School Improvement support including; Ofsted preparation and curriculum changes
  • Teacher Training and Induction based on established materials created specifically within the Trust.
  • Leadership Training to ensure strong leadership across the Trust combining knowledge and experiences to work on challenges and solutions together
  • Governors and Trustees can draw on each other’s experiences to formulate strategic approaches.
  • The Trustees are as follows;

  • Sister Brenda Wallace FCJ, Chair (former Headteacher of Gumley House)
  • Sister Josephine Grainger FCJ,
  • Sister Moira Cashmore FCJ
  • Sister Brigid Halligan FCJ, Treasurer
  • The Gaudete Trust is a collaborative trust exercising the educational trusteeship of five religious orders, namely: The Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ), The Christian Brothers (CFC), Sisters of Charity of St Paul the Apostle (SP), De La Mennais Brothers FICP (Brothers of Christian Instruction) and the Congregation of La Sainte Union (LSU).

Diocese of Shrewsbury

As an outward-facing school, we also fully embrace our opportunities within Diocese of Shrewsbury. 

Our staff, where possible, attend various meetings and training opportunities such as:

SHORE:                 Heads of Department

DASH:                    Diocesan Association of Secondary Headteachers

DADAH:                Diocesan Association of Deputies and Assistant Headteachers

MINI DASH:        Mini Dash includes various groups of students with the Chaplain or member of staff.

Please find a link to the Diocesan website here: