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5. Celebration of the Word

Assemblies and Liturgies

As well as marking the major liturgical events and seasons of the year, special Masses are also held each year, including a Welcome Mass for Year 7 pupils and their parents and a Leavers Mass for Year 13 students and their parents. All pupils regularly attend weekly Mass at St. Joseph’s Parish Church with each form taking responsibility to lead. We hold an annual whole School Mass at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. The theme of our Mass on Saturday 4 November 2023 was Companionship.

The order of service can be viewed below as an attachment

  1. Upton Hall School Order of Service 4 November 2023
    PDF File

Year assemblies, led by either the Head of Year or a member of the Senior Leadership team are held each week following the school’s liturgical calendar. There is a wide variety of celebration depending on the time in the liturgical year. Throughout Lent and Advent, year groups have liturgies based on the particular season. Other regular areas of focus include assemblies, liturgies and services based on Remembrance, Holocaust Memorial Day, Mental Health Awareness, and other themes. In addition, outside speakers from various charities and organisations, such as CAFOD, are invited to present assemblies, often linked to special projects or fundraising.

Celebration of the Word in Assemblies
Every year group at Upton Hall receives a weekly opportunity for Celebration of the Word through their assemblies in the main school hall. Each assembly is led by either a Head of Year, member of the Senior Leadership or a section of the student body. These assemblies each focus on the Gospel; giving an opportunity for students to Gather as a community, Listen to the Word, Respond with reflections on how this message is applicable to their own lives, and Go Forth with a positive action that students and staff can achieve throughout that week and beyond.

“A day without prayer is a day without blessing – and a life without prayer is a life without power”. Edwin Harvey

Students and staff open each school day during periods 1 and 5 and staff meeting with an act of prayer. These are led by form tutors and/or teachers, students and those involved in the staff meetings. Starting each day and meeting this way ensures key moments are punctuated by a moment of calm reflection and allows us all to recognise prayer and worship is at the heart of our school life.

Staff Prayer


Today let us see your face in others. Let us feel your presence in all things and share the light of your love with everyone we meet. Help us to be fair and generous with one another, supporting one another through challenges and celebrating our successes.  We make this prayer in Jesus’ name.


Regular Catholic prayers
Staff and students say Catholic prayers regularly.

Please see our Prayer and Liturgy policy here




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