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Inspiring Young People

We are Outstanding!!

Following our recent Ofsted inspection, we are delighted and proud to report that we are officially outstanding!

In June 2022,  we received a Section 5 Ofsted inspection. As it had been so long since our last inspection, this was the most thorough type of inspection that a school can be subjected to. We are finally able to share the report.

When Ofsted come into schools, they judge every element of school life under 5 categories. They then come to a conclusion on the overall effectiveness of the school.  We are thrilled to be able to share with you that we were awarded outstanding in all areas and therefore our overall effectiveness was also 'outstanding'. 

The framework on which we were inspected was more rigorous than ever before. Inspectors interviewed the Head and the leadership team, subject leaders, pastoral leaders, governors, admin staff and support staff. They talked to pupils and Sixth Form students and collected hundreds of questionnaires from parents. In order for inspectors to make a judgement of 'outstanding', the same consistent message had to be given by everybody and a lot of evidence needed to be collected. In order for Upton to be judged as outstanding, there needed to be no single area for improvement. As you can imagine, this is very difficult to achieve. 

To put the achievement into context, in the academic year 2021/22, over 1400 schools in England (with 6th forms) received a section 5 inspection. Of these, only 22 were grades as 'outstanding'. This is 1.5%. Of these 22 schools, Upton was the only school in the North West region of England. 

We are all very proud of this fantastic achievement. What makes me even happier is the achievement can be owned by our whole school community. We came together in the true spirit of excellence and companionship, and we exemplified Age Quod Agis.