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Inspiring Young People

Merseyside Young Analyst Competition

On Saturday, three of our best chemists represented Upton Hall at the Merseyside Young Analyst competition at The University of Liverpool. Hannah, Pal and Molly had to complete nearly 3 hours of laboratory work, competing against over 20 other schools in the area. Experiments included a titration to standardise the concentration of sodium hydroxide, finding out the molecular mass of two different carboxylic acids, using colorimetry to find the concentration of phosphoric acid in coke and then finally using infrared spectroscopy to identify the artificial sweetener. Our team were delighted to come first place in this prestigious competition, winning £250 for the school, £30 of amazon vouchers each and the ‘Ludwig Mond Tropy’. The girls will travel to Kingston University in London to represent Merseyside in the national final in June.