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Inspiring Young People


Since September the science department have been running STEM Club (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).  Every Tuesday lunchtime girls from Year 7 have been taking part in exciting activities which include learning about the environment to a model power station.  This is what the Year 7 STEM students have to say:

“So far in STEM we have made bird boxes, watched a video about what the world could be like in 2050, calculated how much electricity we use at home and made a model power station.  Out of all the activities I particularly enjoyed decorating my bird box because we got to be creative and it was interesting learning about the different birds that may nest in our boxes.  In addition, it was a bit scary and very intriguing to learn about what the world would be like in 2050 and how we could save the world from being like that.”  Rebecca 7S

“In STEM club I have made a bird house and found out how much energy I use.  I have enjoyed the experiments and learning with Miss Murphy and Miss Richardson.” Rachel 7S

“I have enjoyed making circuits and bird boxes.  I have so much fun in STEM club, I love learning how science can change the world. With Miss Murphy we have learnt how to save the world with science.  We have watched videos on cars that run on red wine and used vegetable oil.”  Grace 7C

“I really like STEM club, not only because it is really fun and you get to try new things but you learn how to change the world so the future can be better; small steps change into big things!  We learn great thing in STEM because we have made bird boxes, looked at what the world will be like in 20 years and made electrical circuits.  In the future we will be doing lots more like making bath-bombs and ice-cream without a freezer.  I am very excited about this and I hope you can join in too! Thanks you!”  Siobhan 7S