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Inspiring Young People

Visit to CERN, Geneva

Physics A level students recently visited CERN in Geneva. During their visit they aimed to find out more about subatomic particles and the process in which these had been found using the Large Hadron Collider.  The students were given a tour of some of the laboratories in CERN and learnt about the current experiments on board the International Space Station. These experiments hope to  discover antimatter using data on cosmic rays; if evidence for anti matter is found this could suggest the existence of an antigalaxy!
"I found CERN really  interesting, it was fascinating to see how they had created machines to recreate the conditions of the Big Bang'  Sharon
"I can't even put into words how much I enjoyed CERN.  It was the best school trip of my life and I found it really exciting learning about the experiments taking place there and how we are finding out more about where we all came from."  Corrina
"I thoroughly enjoyed CERN, it really helped me to develop my understanding of particle physics." Sarah
"I really enjoyed the physics trip to CERN because I learnt a lot of fascinating things and saw how my prior physics knowledge could be applied to research.  I also enjoyed the sunny weather!" Grace