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Inspiring Young People

National Schools’ Regatta

National Schools’ Regatta, Eton Dorney Olympic Course

Lucy, Millie, Charlotte and Natasha from Year 9 took part in the National Schools’ Regatta on the Friday preceding half term. They represented Liverpool Victoria Rowing Club.

The girls’ coach wrote to school regarding the event .......


‘The four girls were absolutely fantastic technically again, as always, holding their heads high among the 1,862 competitors there on Friday, of over 7,000 at the four day event.  Westminster School dominated the boys senior event, and Headington School winning the Girls in a great demonstration of “Mens sana in corpore sano”.

Considering that they are of a squad of five LVRC girls in this age group, and with our top performer Millie well off her best coming out of injury, we were still 8th of 36 crews in the hugely competitive Quads event, where many of the opposition are the 1st crew from substantial squads.

On Monday, in the Double Sculls event, Millie and Charlotte came home a strong 2nd place overall.   That suggests that when Millie is back on her best form, we are dealing with two nationally significant prospects for the future with both these two girls. 

The girls did a provincial event near Stoke at the end of half term, and although we rested Millie, the team were absolutely dominant, unbeatable.

Such a great team with character and dedication.’


Junior Squad coach, Liverpool Victoria Rowing Club