All aboard HMS Liverpool for Upton Navy Cadets.

The Navy contingent have been on several trips during this year to get an experience of life in The Navy.

These include the ferry, going on board HMS Liverpool and also escorting HMS Liverpool out of the River Mersey whilst on HMS Charger.


These trips have enabled us to build up our knowledge of the Navy and also hands on experience of life on a ship.


On 29 February we went on the Ferry, we then had to look out for buoys and practice our buoyage knowledge. On 1 March we then went onboard HMS Liverpool where we were given an exclusive tour of the ship before it was decommissioned. On 4 March we visited Liverpool for the final time and we were part of the crew of HMS Charger. Our job was to lead HMS Liverpool out of the River Mersey.

All these trips have been a great opportunity to learn more about the Navy and we are grateful to be part of history for a wonderful few days.