Creative Dancing comes to Upton!

“ dance well is to be well-educated.” Plato, (c.428BC – c.348BC)

Indeed one may question what is dance?  The Heinemann English Dictionary (1993, p.253) defines the term “dance” as being “a series of steps or movements, usually to a piece of music.”  However dance is as old as mankind and is much more than merely a series of steps, but an awareness of the body in movement.  It is the manifestation of a sensation and integrates mind and body.  Dance is a form of self-expression, a powerful tool by which one can communicate their inner thoughts and feelings using the basic elements of time, space and shape.

On Tuesday 24 April 2012, 30 dancers from Upton Hall, St Joseph’s RC Primary School and Overchurch Junior School participated in a Gifted and Talented dance workshop led by Beth Bracegirdle, an experienced practitioner from The Lowry Centre.  The workshop, which was undertaken as part of the Curious Minds Partnership, began with a technique session which incorporated isolated body movements and patterns and looked to develop core stability and strength.  All pupils performed to an excellent standard, and gained valuable feedback from the lead practitioner.


To conclude the workshop, the dancers engaged in a creative session in which they were asked to choreograph and perform a short dance phrase using three different body parts and varying directions.  Each group produced very unique pieces of work, which were performed with poise and aesthetic quality.

The dancers were provided with information with regards to further opportunities to participate in dance, and also details of auditions for the Centre for Advanced Training.  If you require further information regarding these opportunities, please visit